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Bhaisajya Sara Sangraha

Bhaisajya Sara Sangraha Editor : Kaviraj Harswarup Sharma
In this book, about 1200 various formulations of Rasa, Kupipakwa Rasayan, Bhasma, Vati-Gutika, Avaleha, Guggulu, Taila- Ghrita, Asava-Arishta, Malham, Sar, Ghan, Anjan, Kshar etc are mentioned in Hindi, along with their manufacturing mrthod, Therapeutic Indications, Doses and effects on human body.
Shodhan and Marana of Parad and other Dhatu-Upadhatu, Ratna-Uparatna, Visa-Upavisa dravyas etc are given in this book with complete description.In this book , for each formulation, the original reference and list as per diseases are also cited.

Bharat Bhaisajya Ratnakar

Bharat Bhaisajya Ratnakar This is a priceless gift for Vaidyarajas, Ayurvedic fonders and Ayurvedic students. This invaluable treatise is now available after more than 20 years. It comprises of 5 Volumes, containing about 1518 different formulations of Rasa-rasayan, Kaharaliya rasayan, Kupipakwa rasayan, Churna, Vati-Gutika, Guggulu, Asava-Arishta, Avaleha, Bhasma-Pishti etc with manufacturing process, therapeutic indications, Shodhan and Marana of Dhatu-Upadhatu, Parad, Ratna-Uparatna, Visa-Upavisa along with basic principles of Ayurvedic treatment.
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