Virgo UAP Pharma: AN ISO 9001 certified Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company in India is a manufacturer and exporter of ayurvedic proprietary medicines and formulation, and ayurvedic generic and patent medicines from Ahmedabad.
Virgo UAP Pharma provides ayurvedic patent medicines for gastro intestinal system, respiratory system, central nervous system, gynecological & obstetries, skin disorders
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Patent Products

Respiratory System

KafnormTM Syrup
Kafnorm is the combination of mucolytic, anti – inflammatory, antitussive, expectorant, broncho – dilator and demulcent herbs. Kafnorm is very useful in all type of cough and other respiratory conditions.

SomeswariTM Syrup
Someswari is the combination of bronchodilator, expectorant and mucolytic herbs. Someswari is very effective to treat all type of Ashtmatic conditions.

Central Nervous System

NormapeaceTM Capsule
Normapeace is specially made to normalize the excited physical and mental status. Normapeace is very good brain tonic.

SoberexTM Capsule
Soberex is the combination of memory enhancer, anxiolytic and anti hypertensive, sedative herbs. Soberex is very effective for stress related, primary & secondary mental disorders.

Shankhpushpi Syrup
Shankhpushpi Syrup is the excellent combination of the Ayurvedic memory booster, sedative, anxiolytic and brain tonic herbs. Shankhpushpi Syrup is very useful for all types of stress and memory related problems.

Gynecological & Obstetries

Leuco-RTM Capsule
Leuco-R is the excellent combination of haemostatic, haemetinic, disinfectant and Rasayan drugs. Leuco-R is very effective for all type of abnormal and excessive white & bloody discharge from the genito – urinary tract.

RajocapsTM Capsule
Rajocaps is the combination of emmenogogue and uterine stimulant drugs. Rajocaps, the non-hormonal herbo-mineral compound is very useful for all type of menstruation related disorders.

SuhasiniTM Syrup
Suhasini is excellent, non-hormonal feminine tonic, especially made to treat all type of menstruation related gynaecological disorders. Suhasini is the ever best combination of the herbs, having haemostatic, blood purifying, hemetinic, and diuretic properties.

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