Virgo UAP Pharma: AN ISO 9001 certified Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company in India is a manufacturer and exporter of ayurvedic proprietary medicines and formulation, and ayurvedic generic and patent medicines from Ahmedabad.
Virgo UAP Pharma provides ayurvedic patent medicines for gastro intestinal system, respiratory system, central nervous system, gynecological & obstetries, skin disorders
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Patent Products

Blood Purifier & Skin Disorders

PuritinTM Capsule
Puritin is the combination of blood purifier, anti – bacterial, anti – allergic and anti fungal compounds. Puritin is very effective for all type of acute and chronic dermatological disorders.
RaktashodhakTM Syrup
Raktashodhak is the combination of blood purifier, haemetinic, hepato-stimulant and shital herbs. Raktashodhak is very effective for all type of dermatological conditions caused by the impurity of the blood.
ShitalamTM Syrup
Shitalam is cooling, refreshing & energetic Ayurvedic compound, especially made to stay cool in hot summer season. Shitalam is very delicious in taste and very cool in effect.
Bloom-UpTM Syrup
Bloom-up is the excellent combination of haematinics and hepato-stimulant drugs. Bloom-up is very useful drug to eat various types of anemia.
SarsaparilaTM Liquid
Sarsaparila is the combination of best blood purifiers. Sarsaparila is very effective in all type of major & Minor skin aliments caused by impurity of the blood.

Nutrition & Immunomodulator

AmirikalpTM Gold
Amirikalp Gold is the best herbo-mineral combination with antioxidant, immune modulator, vitalizer & aphrodisiac property. Amirikalp Gold is one of the class general tonic for the entire family.
Tonovit Syrup
Tonovit is the combination of vitalizers, aphrodisiacs, antioxidants, anxiolytics and digestive herbs. Tonovit is a very good general, brain and sexual tonic for the all age groups, especially for the old aged people as a geriatric tonic.
M.VitaTM Capsule
M.Vita is the excellent combination of vitalizer, aphrodisiac, immuno-modulator and rasayana drugs. M. Vita is very effective as a general tonic in various types of immuno compromising conditions.
Navratna YogamritTM Tablet
Navratna Yogamrit is the excellent combination of valuable natural minerals. Navratna Yogamrit is very safe for all age group as daily supplements, as a general tonic as well as in pathological conditions...
CruelTM Capsule
Cruel is the excellent combination of anti-neoplastic, tissue promoting and anti¬inflammatory precious herbo-minerals. Cruel is very useful in different types of benign, malignant and degenerative conditions.
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