Virgo UAP Pharma: AN ISO 9001 certified Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company in India is a manufacturer and exporter of ayurvedic proprietary medicines and formulation, and ayurvedic generic and patent medicines from Ahmedabad.
Virgo UAP Pharma provides ayurvedic patent medicines for gastro intestinal system, respiratory system, central nervous system, gynecological & obstetries, skin disorders
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Patent Products


AlstocinTM Tablet
Alstocin is the combination of antipyretic, analgesic and diaphoretic herbs. Alstocin is very effective for the treatment of pyrexia of various etiology.
Malaria MixtureTM Liquid
Malaria Mixture is the excellent combination of antipyretic, especially antimalarial herbs. Malaria Mixture is very useful and effective for the all type of malarial fever and its complications.

Musculo-skeleton / Joint Disorder

Rheuma off GoldTM Tablet
Rheuma off Gold is the combination of analgesic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating drugs. Rheuma off Gold is very good tonic for the disorders of musculo-skeletal system.
Rheuma offTM Oil
Rheuma Off Oil is the combination of therapeutically proven Vatasamak Ayurvedic medicated oils such as Mahanarayan Tail, Vishgarbh Tail, Panchgun Tail with analgesic qualities along with counter irritants like Gandhpura Tail,....
RheumacureTM Capsule
Rheumacure is the combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, analgesic and disease modifying drugs. Rheumacure is very effective to treat all type of arthritic conditions.
Calci-7TM Tablet
Calci-7 is the combination of minerals, rich with the natural calcium. Calci-7 is very effective for all type of disorders caused by the deficiency of the calcium.
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