Virgo UAP Pharma: AN ISO 9001 certified Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company in India is a manufacturer and exporter of ayurvedic proprietary medicines and formulation, and ayurvedic generic and patent medicines from Ahmedabad.
Virgo UAP Pharma provides ayurvedic patent medicines for gastro intestinal system, respiratory system, central nervous system, gynecological & obstetries, skin disorders
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International Patent Herbal Products

Patent Herbal Products


Reduces all types of joint pain, swelling and stiffness. Provides potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. Improves joint movement, stability and prevents bone deformities. Normalises the physiological parameters and functional movement.

Effectively corrects the liver profile.
Protects liver cells from infections
and toxins. Promotes regeneration of cells. Improves functional ability of liver. Improves appetite and digestion.Effectively treats worm infestation.

Reduces stress level & tones-up nerves. Induces sound sleep & Controls blood pressure. Recharges brain cell energy effectively. Reduces mental weakness & giddiness. Relieves mental & physical fatigue. Improves memory & helps better concentration


Very effective stress reliever & memory enhancer.
Improves higher mental functions, learning & concentration ability.
Induces sound sleep, reduces anxiety, calms body & mind


Improves blood circulation, reduces hemorrhoidal congestion & shrinks pile mass. Relieves constipation, reduces pain & burning sensation & effectively checks bleeding. Cures all the symptoms as well as prevents complications of Piles


Effective in stress, anxiety and depression. Recharges brain cells
Prevents stress induced somatic changes. Maintains mental and physical fitness

Reduces cardiac load, improves cardiac efficiency & prevents blood clotting in MI. Tones-up cardiac muscles, improves coronary circulation and keeps heart healthy. Effectively corrects lipid profile & reduces risk of coronary heart diseases

Crushes stone & flushes them out with strong diuretic action. Maintains urinary pH and relieves burning micturition. Reduces chances of recurrent stone formation


Very effective blood purifier. Protects bacterial, fungal and allergic infections. Restores normalcy of skin


Excellent herbo-mineral combination of Vitalizer, Aphrodisiac, Immuno-modulator & Rasayan drugs
Improves vigor, vitality& immunity, maintains sexual power & stamina


Controls infection and maintains the pH of Vagina. Checks the hyper activity of cervical glands. Relieves low back pain and anxiety due to white discharge. Keeps female reproductive system healthy

Very effective in obesity and dyslipidemia. Corrects the lipid profile and reduces risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Improves metabolic rate to burn excessive fat
from the body. Keeps you slim and slender.
Stimulates pancreas and corrects sugar metabolism. Promotes the utilization of Insulin. Prevents excess level of glucose in blood and urine. Prevents damage to vital organs
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