Nutrition & Immunomodulator

Tonovit Syrup

Tonovit is the combination of vitalizers, aphrodisiacs, antioxidants, anxiolytics and digestive herbs. Tonovit is a very good general, brain and sexual tonic for the all age groups, especially for the old aged people as a geriatric tonic.

M.Vita GoldTM Capsule

M.Vita Gold is the excellent combination of vitalizer, aphrodisiac, immuno-modulator and rasayana drugs. M. Vita Gold is very effective as a general tonic in various types of immuno compromising conditions.

Navratna YogamritTM Tablet

Navratna Yogamrit is the excellent combination of valuable natural minerals. Navratna Yogamrit is very safe for all age group as daily supplements, as a general tonic as well as in pathological conditions...