Single Herbal Products

Aloe Vera

The medicinal use of aloe was already mentioned more than 4000 years ago in a collection of Sumerian clay tablets dated 2100 BC. Aloe was also mentioned as a laxative in the Egyptian Papyrus Ebers from 1552 BC.


Amalaki is highly valued by nutritionists and Ayurvedic practitioners alike. For those of you who haven’t heard about Ayurveda, it’s a 5000 year old natural healing system of medicine that is indigenous to India.


Arjuna was introduced into Ayurveda as a treatment for heart disease by Vagbhata (7th century CE). The bark of the Arjuna tree has a long history of use as a cardiac tonic as well, and has been indicated in the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypercholesterolemia and for relief of Angina pain.